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About me

Hello, I'm Fernanda, but please call me Fe!
I've been working with design for more than 13 years, with almost seven of them focused on product design.
I'm used to working in startups, where everything happens very quickly and very intensely. I love working with the user by my side, which means a lot of research and data-driven decisions so that I can deliver a fantastic experience.

I focus on working as part of the triad (PD+PM+TL) to reconcile business definitions and decisions with user needs. With research and empathy, we always try to bridge the gap between company <> user, managing any conflicts that may arise. As well as focusing on what the product needs to evolve in order to achieve the company's goals and objectives.

So, if you're up for a fantastic journey in the world of product design and user-centric innovation, let's connect and make some design magic together. 💫🚀


Design Thinking Continuous Discovery UX Research

Information Architecture Prototyping UI Design UX Design

 Documentation Design System WCAG Accessibility


Senior Product Designer • Darwin Seguros

2021 - current

Solo designer throughout the beginning of the company.
My job consists of leading the product design front of the 5 existing squads.
I have the opportunity to work with the main stakeholders of each area in the business definitions, taking the lead to unite what was decided as a business need with what the users told us they needed.
Working daily with PM's, developers, customer service team, CX and data team.

Also responsible for:
* Implementing the UX in the company.
* Carrying out qualitative and quantitative research to define our personas. As well as for validation (or not) of hypotheses for our product.
* Creation of the user journey.
* Designing and prototyping of the app and website.
* Conducting usability tests.
* Follow-up and refinements with devs for a complete delivery.
* Implementation of Continuous Discovery so that we never stop evolving tuned and centered on what our users need.

Senior UX/UI Design • Tivit


Working with an incredible team of people to provide a full experience for 9 different websites of a well known insurance company. My role on the team was to provide a good user centered experience and design. Creating medium fidelity wireframes as well as complete prototype flows. Always ensuring that stakeholders were aware of all decisions made and their purposes.

Senior UX/UI Design • IZA Seguros

2020 - 2021

 worked as a leader in the startup's user experience area, I joined as one of the first people to be hired and already got hands on, taking the app and the website off the ground.
Conducted research to understand who the product was for and whether the product was working for users.
I had experience with the communication between areas, negotiation and conflict management with stakeholders, bringing their views to the product and fitting it with what the user needed.

UX/UI Designer • Freelance

2017 - 2020

Mostly project oriented I was primarily working with agencies and software companies to create websites, apps (both mobile/web based) and different SAS softwares.
My deliveries were mostly research databases, user journeys and low and high fidelity prototyping for web and mobile.

Art Director • Freelance

2010 - 2016

Branding and website design, SEO and strategic marketing. Content creator and social media management. Video editing and publicity materials.



Business Management • Cambridge Int. College

Melbourne • Australia


Advertising and Marketing • Wyden Educational

Campinas • Brazil

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